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We have various levels of intervention programs starting from Performance Management for senior management to basic training solutions for frontline executives.

Specialist's Intervention: (Intense Result-oriented Programs)

1. Performance coaching / Executive Coaching: Your executive team is the key to your business growth. Just like top athletes require top class coaching, your executive team also requires very deep support to excel in the current competitive environments.

2. Business training for top executives: This is best for middle managers who have been moved into senior management roles. They need to develop a holistic understanding of business to handle their new roles.




3. Value-based Leadership : Today only those businesses will grow who have independently thinking people who are aligned to the value system of the organisation at very level in the organisation.






4. Stress Management and Wellness Programs: Stress is an important dragon to slay - or at least tame - in your life."

The program deals with the sources of stress and how to identify them. How to manage yourself and to get the best out of each day. Further it looks at how to ensure wellness of mind, body and Soul throughout the rest of one's life

Note: These interventions require deep understanding of people, psychology and philosophy. We first assess the executive's needs, decide a course of action, discuss with the main stakeholder and then go about the process.


Power-packed Trainings: (that deliver)

• Team building: Building a team has its challenges. In these trainings we train people to build, monitor and retain high performing teams.

• Assertiveness Training: This is the skill that is responsible for poor performance in the workplace. This course will enable employees to be more confident and to say the right thing at the right time.

• Basic Sales Training: This is the perfect course to build the foundation for your new sales team, and covers every aspect of Selling from role of a successful salesperson to problem solving and future actions to get more sales.

• Closing Sales Training: This course concentrates on maximizing the chances of closing the sale and gaining the order.

• Conflict Management: You don't have to agree all the time, you should learn how to agree on the basic rules to disagree. Every manager has to deal with different levels of conflicts, our training course will provide skills to deal with these situations.

• Time Management: Every second counts and this course will help you to budget your time wisely and effectively

• Customer Care Training: Take good care of your customers and they will take care of your business”-Client Testimonial - An ideal refresher for all employees who interact with customers on a regular basis, providing important principles of customer care.

• Change Management: Change is inevitable in companies, and you need to move with it. This course covers the essentials of implementing and managing change in an organisation and how to deal with the change. Ideal for Managers.

• Financial Planning and Wealth Management: Financial Planning is one of the causes of worries for employees. If done efficiently, it can relieve them of a lot of stress freeing them for more useful work. This course educates them and helps them takes informed decisions.

• Motivational Training: Time and again we need to ensure that our team members are at the top of their performance. To achieve this it is important that they remain highly motivated always. We conduct regular motivational training workshops for various corporates. The content is generally customised to meet the specific needs of the client at that moment.

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Special Remarks:
Note: All courses are private by choice. No affiliation or accreditation whatsoever


Entrepreneurship Workshop
Goal Setting: Give Direction to Life
Effective Time Management
Effective Public Speaking
Effective Presentation Skills
Ceo's_office_ Member Training
Basic Leadership Training
Advanced Leadership Training
Value-based Leadership Training
Basics of Personal Financial Planning
Advanced Personal Financial Planning
Wealth and Legacy Management
Project Management made Easy
Basic Sales Training
Advanced Sales Training

Attitude * Time Management
* Personality Development * Money Management * Presentation Skills * Public Speaking* Delegation * Team Building * Decision Making * Business leadership skills * Business Networking * Conflict Resolution * Coaching and training skills
 * Stress Management * Sales Skills *  Planning * Interviewing Skills * Project Management

who should attend:

-Job seekers
-Serious sales professionals
-Professionals wanting Leadership positions
-Graduates looking at getting better jobs