Peace of Mind : Man’s only basic need (Part 1)

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I think it was in my school days that I learnt the 3 basic needs of human
beings – food, water and shelter. And over these years I have heard
different variants of its.

The great Maslow went on to top it and make his hierarchy of
needs…which over these years have been the reference point across all segments:

       A. Biological and Physiological needs - air, food, drink,
shelter, warmth, sex, b. sleep, etc.

       B. Safety needs - protection from elements, security, order, law, limits, stability, etc.

       C. Belongingness and Love needs - work group, family,
affection, relationships, etc.

       D. Esteem needs - self-esteem, achievement, mastery,
independence, status, dominance, prestige, managerial
responsibility, etc.

       E. Self-Actualization needs - realising personal potential, self-
fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences.

The dynamic, Antony Robbins,  says man has 6 needs:

       Certainty/Comfort. We all want comfort. And much of this comfort comes from certainty. Of course there is no ABSOLUTE certainty, but we want certainty the car will start, the water will flow from the tap when we turn it on and the currency we use will hold its value.

       Variety. At the same time we want certainty, we also crave variety. Paradoxically, there needs to be enough Uncertainty to provide spice and adventure in our lives.

       Significance. Deep down, we all want to be important. We want our life to have meaning and significance. I can imagine no worse a death than to think my life didn't matter.

       Connection/Love. It would be hard to argue against the need for love. We want to feel part of a community. We want to be cared for and cared about.

       Growth. There could be some people who say they don't want to grow, but I think they're simply fearful of doing so—or perhaps NOT doing so. To become better, to improve our skills, to stretch and excel may be more evident in some than others, but it's there.

       Contribution. The desire to contribute something of value—to help others, to make the world a better place than we found it is in all of us.

He has put contribution to society last in the set…

And this is how all of us have got conditioned over these years – somewhere we have got into a belief that these aspects are sequential in nature and can be achieved only one after another… and so all of us have been trained to start with physiological needs, comforts and so on and the majority never reach the stages of contribution and self-realisation in their entire life time.

And this is the SOCIETY we have today. Everyone is trying is trying to be like somebody else and not being himself.

Are you happy ?

Do you have PEACE OF MIND?

It is only when somebody passes away we say, MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE J

What about PEACE of MIND now ?

With due respects to everyone and with no reflection on anyone…it’s time to rethink…reassess…

Now here is a story that I heard from one the wise souls…

There was this woodcutter who used to visit a forest everyday to cut some wood. One day he sees a wise soul sitting just on the outskirts of the forest in deep meditation. He bows to the soul and seeks his blessings. The wise-soul tells him to go 2 km inside the jungle and he will find lots of iron ore which he can sell and make a better living.

Hesitatingly, the wood cutter travels 2 km deeper into the jungle and finds an iron ore mine. He carries some to the market and sells them for a good price. After a few weeks he comes back to the forest to fetch some more iron ore. This time he comes in a motor bike.

He sees the wise-soul, bows, seeks his blessings and is about to leave. The wise-soul tells him to travel 2 km more inside the forest and he will get a silver mine there. He can sell some silver and further improve his life. The wood-cutter follows his advice, finds silver, sells them and becomes a rich man…next time he visits the jungle in a car.

This time the wise-man tells him about the gold mine that exist 5 km further into the forest. This time the wood-cutter is quite sure to find the mine, finds it, sells the gold and becomes mega-rich. Next time, he visits the jungle in a limousine

He still sees the wise-soul sitting deep in meditation at the same place where he had seen him all these years. He bows, seeks blessings The wise souls tells him 10 km further deeper into the jungle, there is a diamond mine…but before the wise-soul could complete the sentence – the wood cutter ask “I know that you are right and there has t be a diamond mine there. But I am still trying to figure out what is it that you have that inspite of knowing all this, you still prefer to sit here in the open in meditation”

The problem with these stories is people immediately go in search of the forest and the wise-soul.  That may not be really necessary.

The point am trying to make here is, I would like to imagine how the society would have looked if we all realized that Peace of Mind is the  first and only basic need…incidentally the other day I heard that only 10 pc of the energy our body receives from the food we take rest comes from many other factors…

Wouldn’t it have shaped the society differently…the economies differently…wouldn’t it have made  a more fuller society where core values would have come before personal  selfish motives…

Why do selfish motives comes up in the first place…when there is a feeling of deprivation…a feeling of scarcity…in short when there is lack of peace of mind.

Is it too late to start afresh…

I don’t think so…

Is it Utopian…

I don’t think so…

Sashi Menon,
Chief Mentor, IIEMT.

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